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Lawmakers call for massive investment into child care if schools return as hybrid model

Lawmakers are making a push for more child care funding.

The big question: As schools weigh returning to a hybrid model this fall – where will kids go when parents are at work?

Working parents have been voicing this concern throughout the pandemic.

Members of Congress, state leaders and parents are now pushing for at least $50 billion to be included in the next relief package.

The funds will be used to help facilities reopen. However, advocates for more child care options say it will not do anything to limit the overall cost of child care, or the lack of it in many communities.

“As we get closer and closer to September, many schools are preparing for part-time attendance and more remote learning,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said. “ That means more working parents than ever will be in need of child care.”

She introduced legislation to create a relief fund.