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Migrating from Windows Live Mail? Move contacts easily

Support for WLM was ceased in 2016. Since then, users have been moving their correspondence to more advanced systems. Outlook is a rational and secure choice, as its broad capabilities are best suited to professional correspondence. Features like scheduling, RSVP tracking, and reminders are extremely handy. But what can you do with old contacts?

Users may safely relocate their mail, including images and attached files, to the new environment. This is facilitated by dedicated tools. Discover the quickest way to migrate Windows Live Mail to Outlook on, and move addresses in a flash.

Non-automated Method: 13 Stages

The manual path is a real hassle, as it involves over a dozen steps! The more actions are taken — the higher the likelihood of error and data corruption along the way. However, if you are still interested, here is a common approach:

  1. Find the folder storing address data in your WLM.

  2. Pick the Export option and CSV as the output type. This summons a new window.

  3. Specify where you want exported data to land (e.g., Desktop).

  4. Name the new file that will be saved.

  5. Specify the field for export.

  6. The process is launched by the ‘Finish’ button. Wait for completion.

  7. Close the old mail client.

  8. Open the destination program.

  9. Locate the import option by going to “Contacts”>> “File”>> “Open”.

  10. Set another program/file as a source and proceed further.

  11. Pick the CSV version compatible with the OS and go to the next step.

  12. Find the file created in step 4 and open it.

  13. Make sure the location of contact data is selected, and conclude by clicking “Finish”. Wait for completion.

Automation: Quick and Precise

The safer and more efficient way involves export into the VCF format and subsequent use of a converter. This is the quickest method invented to date. Here is how the first stage is organized:

  1. Head to the Contacts menu in WLM.

  2. Specify the range of contacts for export (all or individual).

  3. Select the export option via ‘File’ or ribbon.

  4. Set VCF as an export type. This summons a new dialog.

  5. Specify the destination (e.g., Desktop).

These five steps produce a standalone file that may be quickly converted for import. The exact procedure depends on your utility. Here are the steps for VCF Converter.

  1. Open the converter.

  2. Locate the folder in step 5 above.

  3. Launch scanning for auto-detection.

  4. Save the result in the PST format.

  5. Open Outlook Data File (via ‘File’) in the destination.

You may be wondering why the VCF file is not imported directly. While it is possible, only one contact may be moved at once. Transferring dozens of separate vCards is a pain in the neck, as it takes ages. On the other hand, conversion into PST is exactly what enables bulk relocation.

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