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DAILY DEBRIEF: Traditionalists blindsided by Cayuga Nation lawsuit against federal government (podcast)

What does the Cayuga Nation traditional leadership think about the land-into-trust legal suit against the U.S. Government?

Sachem Chief Sam George of the Bear Clan claims that the entire community was blindsided by the lawsuit announcement made by Clint Halftown, the Bureau of Indian Affairs representative, alongside his legal counsel.

Is the push for gaining land-in-trust status for certain parcels fueled by an interest to expand tribal gaming in the Village of Union Springs?

Shortly a few weeks after Halftown and his legal counsel met with Cayuga County officials, the lawsuit to transition fee-owned land into trust began – after fifteen years of stagnation at the federal level.

Chief George believes that might be case with the possibility of switching Lakeside Entertainment’s current Class II gaming designation to Class III, which would require the state’s regulation and oversight through the New York State Gaming Commission.

Nearly four months later, Chief George and other Cayuga Nation traditionalists feel that their concerns and struggles are not seen – and rather rendered invisible as state and federal actors largely overlook the destruction of several properties along State Route 89, which occurred back in February.


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