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Low risk sports can begin in July across New York State

New York State has given guidance for restarting sports and recreation during ‘Phase 3’ of economic reopening.

Beginning July 6th regions of the state in ‘Phase 3’ will be permitted to resume most outdoor sports with individual or distanced groups training activities.

Different sports have differing degrees of regulation. An example being cross country, running, golf, and singles tennis, which are considered ‘low risk’ activities.

For lower and moderate-risk sports, competitive team practices and some games or scrimmages in organized leagues or pick-up games are being allowed.

Moderate-risk sports include, but are not limited to, baseball, softball, doubles tennis, badminton, racquetball, water polo, gymnastics, field hockey, swimming relays, team crew, rafting, paintball, soccer, or non-contact lacrosse.

Meanwhile, high risk sports include football, wrestling, ice hockey, rugby, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball and competitive dance.