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Officials warn about coronavirus consequences if social distancing not maintained in Seneca County

By Josh Durso

Health officials in Seneca County are asking the public to remain vigilant as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

“The 2019-Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is still a concern even as we reopen Phase 3 businesses; we must all continue to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Seneca County. COVID-19 is transmitted from person-to-person mainly through droplet transmission, but evidence also suggests that even people who do not feel sick or have symptoms can pass the infection on to others,” Seneca County Public Health said in a statement. “Public Health officials warn that if we stop practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing and wearing a mask or face covering in public that COVID-19 will spread in the population and could result in significant public health consequences.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo warned at a daily briefing last week that there would be consequences for communities that don’t adhere to social distancing mandates. He hinted at potentially pushing communities back from whatever stage they are in within the phased reopening process.

“As Seneca County is now in PHASE 3 of NY FORWARD, it is critical that we all do our part and practice healthy behaviors such as social distancing, wearing a face covering when in public and washing our hands and frequently touched surfaces often. When we all practice and encourage these behaviors in others we are collectively reducing the spread of illness and helping to ensure Seneca County remains open,” Public Health added in the press release.

They encouraged those who work at local businesses to wear masks, and that shoppers at stores should wear masks as well.

“We understand that as we enter into summer and experience warmer weather that we may want to let down our guard but we must stay vigilant and continue to practice behaviors that reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmissions. If we do not, it is likely that an outbreak could occur and we would have to go back to more stringent restrictions,” the statement added. “We ask for your willing cooperation for the benefit of us all. The safety and economic welfare of Seneca County is in all of our hands. Let’s make the right choices Seneca County.”

On Monday, Gov. Cuomo expanded the limit on gatherings from 10 to 25. It was a move that wasn’t expected.