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Cuomo gives update on school graduations; says drive-through ceremonies will be allowed

While some lawmakers, including Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, R-Lyons, is asking for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to rescind his executive order that limits public gatherings to 10 – there was a small piece of good news for schools on Thursday.

Some upstate lawmakers are asking for traditional graduation ceremonies to take place.

However, on Thursday, Gov. Cuomo gave the green light for drive-in and drive-through ceremonies. It’s unclear if any schools will move to that option, or what districts can execute it.

“A lot of graduates are disappointed,” Cuomo said during his press briefing. “We’re going to keep evaluating.”

Manktelow told Finger Lakes News Radio that he takes issue with the apparent double standard being created by allowing protests to take place, as other sactioned events are shelved due to the COVID-19 pandemic.