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State Troopers’ union criticizes Gov. Cuomo, feels governor has offered ‘zero support’

The president of the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association was critical of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of violence throughout the state after some peaceful protests.

President Thomas Mungeer wrote that he finds it “appalling” that the governor hasn’t condemned violence directed at State Police during “the riots across the state.”

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The letter continues, noting that members of the state legislature and governor’s administration have offered little support during ‘the riots across the state’.

“I find it appalling that you have not condemned the violence directed at your New York State Troopers during the riots across the state,” he said. “In fact, during your daily briefing today you repeatedly used the word ‘ugly’ to describe recent events but did not acknowledge that the Troopers under your command have been responding to riots with unwavering loyalty to public safety.”

“he right to a peaceful protest is etched in the U.S. Constitution and as law enforcement officers we are sworn to uphold that concept. We are all outraged by the events that became a catalyst for where we are today, and the fact that members of the public want to peacefully protest for change is their American right,” the letter continues. “However, what Troopers are being called upon to respond to across the state are not peaceful protests or voices of reason urging societal changes, these are violent riots taking place around the state including New York City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester and Albany, just blocks from the Executive Mansion. Peaceful protestors do not arrive with hammers and Molotov cocktails, burn police cars, smash the windows of businesses or spray graffiti on St. Patrick’s Cathedral – criminal opportunists and vandals do. Peaceful protestors do not start fires in the streets or to businesses – arsonists do. Peaceful protestors do not gather en masse to openly disregard laws, create havoc and impede on the rights of the general public – rioters do.”

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