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DiNapoli report shows devastating April for New York’s bottom line

According to the monthly cash report released today by State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, significant revenue declines occurred for New York in April as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the three month extension of the state income tax filing deadline.

All governmental funds monthly tax receipts totaled $3.7 billion, falling $7.9 billion or 68.4 percent from April 2019.

“New York is facing economic devastation not seen since the Great Depression,” DiNapoli said. “New York and other hard-hit states need the federal government to step up and provide assistance, or the state will have to take draconian actions to balance its budget. We need Washington to set aside the partisan bickering and deliver substantial relief to New Yorkers now.”

The 2020-21 Enacted Budget provides the Executive broad authority to reduce most local assistance and state agency spending in order to maintain budget balance.

The budget is deemed out of balance if actual tax receipts are less than 99 percent of estimated tax receipts, or actual disbursements are more than 101 percent of estimated disbursements, as measured at three points during the year (April 1-30, May 1-June 30, and July 1-December 31).

The state’s current Financial Plan assumed the budget would be out of balance when the April measurement period was completed. Now that April numbers are final, the state Division of the Budget may propose spending reductions or other options.

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