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Bill would create short-term jobs for younger end of workforce left unemployed after pandemic

Assemblywoman Pat Fahy has introduced a bill that would create short-term jobs targeted for Millennials that have been laid off due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

It’s called the ‘Works Progress Administration-Pandemic Recovery’ program, and would allow younger age groups on jobs like contact tracing, conservation, and climate mitigation.

“Nearly one-third of those under 35 are out of work with the majority in low-wage, retail sector, or gig-economy jobs,” Fahy said. “Creating the WPA-PR would provide young New Yorkers with good-paying jobs in the creative economy and bolster the state’s arts and cultural institutions.”

She said the investment would be an important step for New York as it digs itself out of the Coronavirus Pandemic hole.

“A bold investment like the WPA-PR would help create and train a new state green workforce, build clean-energy infrastructure, and reinvigorate the promise of the American Dream in New York,” she added.

The bill is modeled after the 1935 Work Progress Administration program authored by President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression.

At the time of its creation – unemployment sat at 20 percent.