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‘One Seneca’ task force releases toolkit of resources for businesses with reopening in mind

The Seneca County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with a task force of government and industry leaders from the One Seneca initiative, has released a toolkit to help local businesses prepare for reopening from the Coronavirus shutdown.

The document is available for download at and provides information and best practices to decrease the threat of Covid-19. As part of the state’s reopening guidance, all businesses will be expected to have a plan that follows updated safety protocols and minimizes the risk of future exposure in the workplace.

“Our goal is to get the local business community reopened in the quickest and safest manner possible,” said Chamber President Jeff Shipley. “Having a plan that follows the essential recommendations in the toolkit will not only help demonstrate business readiness, but it will also instill consumer confidence and likely attract more visitors.”

Among the recommendations for businesses: continue to facilitate social distancing, encourage the use of face coverings, make hand sanitizer or wash stations available to both employees and customers, increase the routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and monitor employees for symptoms related to the pandemic.

The toolkit also contains a color poster for businesses to display in their building upon the implementation of a Coronavirus prevention plan.

According to Shipley, the Chamber’s recent survey of local business found that nearly half of all respondents have laid off employees, while more than 70% have applied for Coronavirus financial assistance.

“When asked how long these businesses would be at risk for permanent closure, nearly 40% indicated they could only last five months or less,” Shipley said. “We are at a critical junction that demands our businesses be able to reopen. Working together, we can help them do so in a safe manner that prevents another shutdown.”

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