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Cayuga County, CSEA come to terms for employee furloughs

Cayuga County and CSEA have come to terms on furlough for its members as a cost saving measure amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The furloughs, which impact 72 employees will run from May 11th to July 31st.

“As we continue to monitor the financial impact of COVID-19 on Cayuga County as a whole, furloughs enable the County to realize temporary cost savings now to help close the anticipated budget gap,” officials said in a press release. “While the County is at state-mandated workforce reduction, we recognize the federal resources available as outlined in the Federal Cares Act, specifically the additional $600 per week of enhanced employment compensation.”

They say employees temporarily furloughed have the potential to have a greater financial gain on unemployment through July 31st than they would if they remained on the County payroll.

Cayuga County says it will continue to contribute its portion of the health insurance for those furloughed employees that are currently covered by the County’s healthcare policy.

“We appreciate our employees immeasurably and understand these are challenging times of uncertainty,” said Aileen McNabb-Coleman, Chair of the Cayuga County Legislature.