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What will salons look like when they reopen? A few less services, but it could happen in May or June

Salon owners and barbers aren’t certain what the future looks like. However, they’re eager to get back to work.

When they get the green light from state officials, certain services will be limited in all likelihood.

“We will have to limit shampooing to just color removal. People just getting haircuts will have to shampoo before they get here. We will have to not blow dry temporarily, because they’re not sure if the blow drying will spread germs around,” Harry Bruno, a salon owner in the Rochester-area said.

There will be some cosmetic changes inside salons as well. No more magazines, no coffee or beverages offered inside, and some others.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said it will be up to each business to come up with a plan to reopen. It’s not clear how that logistically plays out.