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Venues, vendors prepare for uncertain wedding season in Finger Lakes

Getting married? It might be a good idea to consider a new date, depending on the agreement with your venue.

For those planning a wedding, a simple question has been posed: What should we do?

Karen Hite, who operates Dolce Amica Event Planning & Design in Webster tells WHEC-TV that many of her clients are rescheduling for later this year. At the moment, her wedding and other events have been cancelled through August.

“We’re trying to prep them for, in a hopeful way at 50% capacity, if we’re looking at maybe what restaurants are going to happen, depending on what phase we’re in,” she told WHEC.

A wedding website called The Knot, says 95% of couples have opted to reschedule for later this year, or even 2021.

Bristol Harbour, a popular destination in the Finger Lakes, has been moving couples to later this year. They don’t plan on having any weddings at this point until mid-July, and even that remains in question.

The big challenge is working with vendors, experts say. Contracts with independent vendors, who may have date change fees, and a lack of language around the concept of a pandemic could result in added cost for some.

Most vendors are self-employed or contractors, with little in the way of a safety net. “It is so emotional for these young people that have put so much time and effort into this and we’re talking about a financial burden for them and my hope is to all the venues and the vendors that they will be a little empathetic to these people,” Hite added. “We can’t just take their money and run. We have to do what we promised to do.”

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