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Prattsburgh man wins $20K shopping spree through Tops Monopoly game

Tops Friendly Markets recently announced the winner of a $20,000 shopping spree through its Monopoly game.

Prattsburgh resident Daniel G. was presented a $20,000 shopping spree. He is one of twenty guaranteed winners.

The words “Instant Winner! $20,000 Tops Shopping Spree” can be a little daunting to see when you open a Tops Monopoly ticket. That was the case when Daniel opened his tickets recently and so he quickly went out to the car and shared the ticket with his mom. “We came back into the store and I immediately went to the associate that I recognized at the customer service desk,” said his mother Eleanor. We were all initially in shock and couldn’t believe that it might be an Instant Winner, but it looked real.”

“There are a lot of very scary things going on in the world right now, but this prize comes at a really good time for us as we rely very heavily on each other for care,” added Eleanor.