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Maternity Task Force formed in NYS to make recommendations during pandemic

New York State Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa announced a maternity task force for those who are pregnant during the pandemic.

The COVID-19 maternity task force has been created in New York State to urgently protect mothers and ensure women have much needed safe birthing options.

“This pandemic strained our hospital system in a way no one could have ever imagined, and while New York leads in ensuring laboring mothers were able to have a healthy partner, friend or family member with them during childbirth we can and should explore additional ways to make the experience less stressful,” DeRosa said.

“Birth centers can serve as a safe alternative for low risk pregnancies, reliving the strain on hospitals and providing a supportive environment for mothers during an already stressful time.”

The task force is expected to make recommendations to Gov. Andrew Cuomo by the end of the week.