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The Fashion Brand You’ll Want in Your Wardrobe

One of the most wonderful truths about people is that one is not like the other. Each person has a unique thumbprint, body composition and more. Individuality should be celebrated. Though there are institutions and belief systems surrounding the idea of doing things one way, it’s okay to figure out what works best for you. This fact is applicable to your wardrobe. Your wardrobe should reflect your interests, personality and more. As you work to figure out which fashion brands you’ll want in your wardrobe, there are a few facets to consider.

Fast Fashion vs. Classic Quality
Fast fashion brands are perfect for those who want to enjoy a few trends each season. Trends come and go. They’re not constructed to last a long time. However, classic garments from classic brands are made to withstand the test of time. Depending on the quality of a pair of jeans, they can last for a few years. A great cashmere sweater will last for years as well. If you want garments that will last, invest in fashion brands that are known to produce clothing that’s made from high-quality fabrics that are durable. When you’re dealing with fast fashion, know that the brands will be trendy. Unfortunately, they’re not always made with the best materials, and they’re not the most eco-friendly option.

Think about your current lifestyle, and use the tips
in this website to figure out your plans to grow as an individual. If you’re in and out of business meetings every week, take a look at the type of brands that are perfect for the boardroom. If you’re an entrepreneur who works from home, you might love the practicality of athleisure wear. Granted, a person can wear different types of clothes in different settings. Humans aren’t one-dimensional. Still, when you look at your closet, a good portion of it should reflect your lifestyle and how it fits in. Otherwise, you’ll pick a bunch of pieces that require you to wait until a specific occasion where you’ll only wear them once or twice. That’s not practical.

Comfort & Support
For many people, comfort is a high priority. For others, comfort isn’t necessary as long as the outfit looks good. There are certain shoe brands that make really stunning high heels. However, the designer heel can be notoriously uncomfortable to walk in. If you’re going to an event that requires you to stand for a certain amount of time, that event might turn into a torturous night or an amazing one based on the comfort of your heels. Support is a facet to consider when you’re looking at undergarments. Some men love to wear specific brands for boxers and briefs. Women have a lot of fashion brands to choose from when it pertains to garters, waist cinchers and more. It’s really about finding the fashion brand that provides the support and comfort level you’re looking for.

Try different brands to see how well they fit your body. Even though you might love a certain brand, they might not create clothing in your size. To try and size up or down might not look great on your figure. Knowing this, find brands that cut their clothing in a way that flatters your body. Yes, it’s true that you’ll still want to invest in tailoring to customize the look and fit of your garments. However, you do want to make sure that the tailor isn’t starting from scratch because the garment fits poorly. Take your own measurements to know which size fits best. Then, find a few brands that flatter that fit.

Name Recognition
Name recognition is really important to many people. Even if you’d like to tell yourself it doesn’t matter, that’s not always the truth. It’s all about perception. Many women would much rather wear a Chanel purse rather than a knock-off. Even if the two purses look exactly the same, the brand name is what distinguishes the two. If you’re a person who’s really into designer labels, that’s totally fine. Just know that you’ll need to pay a lot more for them. Even when it pertains to sneakers, most people would prefer a pair of Nike sneakers over an off-brand sneaker. Even if they feel and look exactly the same, Nike is a recognizable, distinguished brand. As you work to figure out the fashion brands you’ll want in your wardrobe, consider how much brand recognition matters to you.

Ultimately, no one truly has the right to tell you what to wear. If you’re heading to the workplace or an event with a specific dress code, it’s appropriate to respect that. However, even within a dress code, there’s usually room for your personality to shine through. Whether it’s a subtle touch or a bold statement, there are plenty of brands that can help you showcase the best version of who you are in the world. As you focus on cultivating that strong fashion sense, you’ll know which fashion brands you’d like in your wardrobe.

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