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Schuyler, Yates both declare state of emergency over COVID-19

Both Schuyler and Yates counties have declared a state of emergency over the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19. On Friday, Tompkins County did the same as a confirmed case of the coronavirus was located.

According to Schuyler Public Health Director Deborah Minor there are no confirmed cases, but the move is made out of an abundance of caution. She called it a move “positioning ourselves to protect the health and welfare of our citizenry.”

According to Emergency Services Director William Kennedy, “Although there are no confirmed cases within Schuyler County to date, this situation is rapidly evolving, and the threat of this virus is imminent to the citizens and visitors of Schuyler County. It is necessary that Schuyler County be proactive and fully prepared to deal with its effects. This declaration provides Schuyler County with the flexibility to prepare and respond to this rapidly evolving situation.”

The declaration does not contain specific orders or prohibitions and direct all departments and agencies of Schuyler County to take the steps necessary to protect life and property, public infrastructure and provide such emergency assistance deemed necessary.

Any and all existing directives from New York State and Federal Officials also remain in full force and effect.

In the interim, Schuyler County officials will continuously monitor the situation and remain in close communication with school districts, towns, villages and other large institutions to provide guidance and assistance as needed.

Sheriff Ron Spike announced the state of emergency in Yates County, after elected leaders made the decision to make that move on Saturday.