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Union officials say officers hurt at Willard Drug Treatment Center after incident

Union officials with the New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association say two officers and a sergeant were hurt at a state facility last week following an altercation with an inmate.

The union says the incident unfolded at the Willard Drug Treatment Center, which is located in the southern end of Seneca County.

An inmate is said to have attempted to pick-up and swallow a latex glove finger, which contained 60 strips of suboxone, 1.5 grams of synthetic marijuana, and six ceramic blades.

That inmate, who was not identified in the press release, said disciplinary charges are pending. The individual was transported to Five Points Correctional Facility.

“Currently there is no system in place to combat the drugs flooding into prisons. Until the administration steps up and provides staff with the necessary tools to combat contraband, it will continue to be significant problem and be dangerous for our members,” Mark Deburgomaster said. He serves as NYSCOPBA western region vice president.

The union called for more resources to deal with safety issues inside state prisons and facilities.