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Headaches uncovered as NYS moves closer to cashless tolling along Thruway

Cashless tolling is coming on the New York State Thruway.

Lawmakers are raising concerns because of issues that have been exposed downstate, as cashless tolling rolls out there.

Drivers with E-ZPass reported issues with billing. Some said they were billed incorrect amounts, or fined based on their tag not being read properly.

“When cashless tolling was first deployed, we saw those toll plaza making more in fines than actual tolls collected. That’s wrong,” said State Senator David Carlucci, District 38 to WRGB-TV. “We’ve seen so many people, literally hundreds of people broken down into tears in my office because they’ve been driven into debt because of cashless tolling.”

Lawmakers are worried.

For motorists who don’t have an E-ZPass issues of billing — particularly not receiving a bill in the mail — was a common complaint.

The state created an advocacy position and office. Someone to deal with the complaints and issues as it rolls out.

Thruway Authority customers who have been unsuccessful in resolving their toll violations through the E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center should request assistance by completing this electronic form at:, according to WRGB-TV.

Thruway Authority Director Matthew Driscoll says the biggest issue is keeping addresses up-to-date.

“The large part of it is that we need to make sure that the bills get to the right places, people need to make sure they update their addresses,” said Driscoll.