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Woman talks gratitude for Cayuga County 911 workers

A Cayuga County woman is grateful for 911 dispatchers after three separate incidents, where she had to call them for help.

Each time she called, they were there.

Cheryl Wawrzaszek first called 911 when she came home from work to find her son had passed away, according to CNYCentral. “I was alone and my husband was hunting. And of course the first thing you think is, what do I do, what do I do? And the 911 center is the first place that I turned to,” Wawrzaszek told them.

Another time, her husband had hit his head. He was bleeding, she was anxious, and it was a difficult situation. But, 911 kept her calm throughout the process.

The third time, Wawrzaszek had to call 911 when her granddaughter lost consciousness. The child was only two at the time. Again, Cayuga County 911 talked her through the situation as help arrived.

“I don’t think people realize how important they are until you’re in the position that you need the 911 center,” Wawrzaszek added, pointing out how grateful she was for their service.