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Annual pruning competition coming to Anthony Road Wine Company

The FELCO pruning competition is an initiative by the FELCO Company to teach and demonstrate the importance of fine pruning in the vineyard industry.

The FELCO Pruning contest targets Young Farmers and Collegiate students with a passion for Viticulture, and advanced or developing skills in fine pruning. Contestants will be 18 or over. Underage contestants 17 years old will be accepted with a signed letter from a parent stating permission for participation. All ages 18 and up are welcome to compete. Learn more about tree care at

Each competitor will receive a gift for participation. Prizes for the winners of the competition are as follows:

1st Place: Trip to Switzerland for the 75th Anniversary of the FELCO company to compete in a Global pruning contest. Prize includes, airfare, hotel stay and tours for winner and one guest. (Passport Required)

2nd Place: $300-dollar gift card and FELCO manual tool of choice (under $200 dollars) 3rd Place: $200-dollar gift card and FELCO manual tool of choice (under $100 dollars)

Top Placing Collegiate Student Prize: Trip to Switzerland for 75th Anniversary of the FELCO company. Visit the factory, local vineyards and join us for the competitive event and celebration.

For contest details, rules and judging information, please contact: Ryan Amberg at (315)759-1249 or [email protected] .

Register for this competition by Jan. 24th by clicking here.

A Message from FELCO

FELCO’s initiative to develop a global pruning competition to showcase talent on the farm, as well as to teach and bring attention to the art of fine pruning, will start with their second annual competitive events this year, 2020. They have committed to grow this event over the coming years. To do this FELCO looked for sponsorship/support in the form of industry leaders, associations and institutions, who excel in the field.

In doing this, Ryan Amberg, a New York native and Marketing and Business Development Manager of FELCO tools in the USA and Canada, found the help of key members of these groups.

Finding support from his alma mater, Cornell University in the form of Russell Moss, a new member of the Cornell Viticulture and Enology team who is looking to try new ideas and efforts to put the industry’s hard-working vineyard managers in the spotlight. Peter Martini, who when asked if he would host the event at his vineyard Anthony Road, graciously accepted, which shows his dedication to bring more eyes on the industry in New York State as a great wine region. As well as New York Farm Bureau, who offered to help support the communication of the event.

FELCO will celebrate its 75th anniversary in the year 2020, marking a milestone in its professional tool brands lifecycle. To celebrate this milestone the team will attempt to grow the event next year working with additional industry partners, and even offers grand prize of a trip to Switzerland to the FELCO factory as well as a chance to compete in the Global competition.