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How ePacket Services Are Strengthening The Ties Of Nations

A new postal service called ePacket service has begun to increase in popularity in an effort to strengthen the ties between the China/Hong Kong and United States postal services. This ePacket service enables customers from both the U.S and China to send postal to and from each other in a fairly short amount of time.

When the Hong Kong Post made a partnership with the USPS nine years ago, their intentions were to offer another shipping option for Hong Kong wholesalers who sell goods worldwide. So what better way than this is there that can be used to easily reach U.S consumers?

Besides achieving a huge advantage over the competition, wholesalers who offer the ePacket service are also able to instill more confidence in their consumers especially those based in the United States that make purchases through eBay from China.

As soon as an ePacket package is received in a U.S port, it obtains a First-Class USPS rate as well as a confirmation of delivery.

The ePacket service is such a popular option now, that more and more countries have begun to use it for their own shipping purposes.

To have the best advantage possible, then it would make the most sense to use an EMS ePacket service. This is perfect especially for shipping companies who have just started out and want to see how it compares to all of the other shipping companies that deliver internationally.

Once you understand and are used to how the ePacket service gets regulated, you will be that much more equipped to adjust your business’s profit margin and thus being able to expand the business that you love.

Make sure to keep in mind that there are some restrictions involved with ePacket’s shipping service. However, if your shipment is below a certain weight then you won’t have to worry about these three restrictions:

• Product weight cannot be above 4.4 lbs.
• Product packages cannot be a maximum length of 36 inches.
• The value of orders cannot be over $400.

Perks of having the ePacket Service

Outside of efficiency and cost, ePacket service delivers many perks to customers around the world like:

Tracking of packages. When ePacket is used to deliver products they provide their customers the ability to track their orders from the moment an order is placed, for free. They can simply visit the website that is shipping the package like the USPS or EMS.

All items can be returned for free. Being able to return items for free gives customers security knowing they will not be charged any fee. Just this alone is able to make improvements to relationships between merchants and customers.

Shipping Times for ePacket Services

Just like we see with other ways of shipping, ePacket delivery times also could change due to the package’s destination, holidays, and customs.

However, when a package is sent for shipping to the U.S, the timeframe for delivery can take as long as 20 days to reach its final destination.

Other countries could experience shipping times that are longer because of the packaging being routed to various facilities instead of being shipped directly.

No matter how long it takes the package to get to its destination, the customer will be happy to know where their package will always be prior to them receiving it.

If you still have questions or would like to find out more info, you can simply do a search online about ePacket services.

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