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New online wine program coming to Keuka College thanks to Hunt Country Vineyards

Everyone knows the Finger Lakes is wine country – USA Today just named it the country’s No. 1 Wine Region.

But not everyone knows what makes Finger Lakes wines special, how they’re made, or even the difference between a Traminette and a Vidal Blanc.

Keuka College and Hunt Country Vineyards of Branchport have crafted a program that answers those questions – and many more. Their new 10-lesson Wine Certification Program allows students to explore, taste, and earn certified mastery in the wines of the Finger Lakes.

The online course includes wine tastings, video instruction, reading materials, and online discussion with an expert instructor.

“It’s truly a unique experience that gives you a foundation in wine from grapes to glass,” says Keuka College Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bradley Fuster. “Plus, experiencing it with a group of like-minded wine enthusiasts and experts makes it much more interesting and enjoyable.”

Among the topics – all of which will be taught by Hunt Country Vineyards experts – are:

– The history and tradition of wine and winemaking in the Finger Lakes.

– Sustainability in wine-making, including soil health, renewable energy, and waste reduction.

– The vine-to-bottle process of wine-making.

– How to refine your palate to distinguish the characteristics of different wines – and discover your favorites.

“Everyone starts out as a beginner when they taste their first wine,” says Hunt Country co-founder Art Hunt, who will be among the instructors. “With this course, you’ll develop your own palate and you’ll be able to pick out all kinds of things that you like in various wines.”

Registration is open now with the course beginning on Feb. 3. For information or to register, visit

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