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Congressman Reed says he’s not ruling out a run for governor

Congressman Tom Reed, who represents the 23rd District is not ruling out a run for governor.

“We have been approached by numerous individuals across the state about a candidacy for governor, and I appreciate that conversation and am not ruling it out, because what I see in Albany is one-party control that is pushing the state in a direction that is jeopardizing the future potential of New York as the Empire State,” Reed said in a conference call this week.

“If I can be part of the effort to take on that one-party control and govern in the spirit of Charlie Baker or Larry Hogan, the governors of Massachusetts and Maryland. … We’ll see how this unfolds, but we’re not ruling it out as of today,” he added.

He called Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of the state message ‘troubling’. He reiterated that one-party control is not working for all of New York.

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