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Bob Hayssen wins close election to lead Seneca County Board of Supervisors in 2020

Hayssen defeats Trout to lead supervisors in 2020

– By Josh Durso

The Seneca County Board of Supervisors has a new leader.

Entering the night it wasn’t clear who would come out on top of the Board’s annual vote. The supervisors were reorganizing, which is an annual process to formalize the governing body’s start to the year.

Republican Supervisors Bob Hayssen of Varick, and Don Trout of Waterloo were both nominated. Supervisor Hayssen received the first nomination, shortly thereafter, Trout’s name was thrown into the running.

Supervisor Hayssen ultimately secured enough weighted votes – adding a new chapter to his chairmanship. Hayssen previously served as chairman in 2015.

The final vote was 406-344. Supervisors David Hayes, Mike Ferrara, Cindy Lorenzetti, Kyle Barnhart, Jim Borst, and Paul Kronenwetter voted for Hayssen. He also cast a vote for himself.

Supervisors Mike Reynolds, Ralph Lott, Ron McGreevy, Michael Enslow, and Jim Cleere voted against Hayssen’s appointment to the leadership post.

Democrats selected Supervisor Lorenzetti, of Fayette, to the Minority Leader post. Republicans chose Supervisor Trout to serve as Majority Leader.

Aside from the major appointment of chair – here’s how some of the other appointments shook out:

  • Margaret Li was appointed to another term as Clerk to the Board of Supervisors;
  • Amanda Porter was appointed Deputy Clerk to the Board of Supervisors;
  • Supervisor Reynolds, of Covert was appointed Finance Director;
  • David Ettman was appointed to another term as County Attorney;
  • Michael Mirras was appointed as Public Defender;
  • Walter Gable was appointed County Historian;
  • Rich Ricci was appointed Director of Off-Track Betting; and
  • The Ovid Gazette was identified as the County’s Official Paper.

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