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Cuomo’s 12th proposal for 2020: Make “New York Buy American” act permanent

Earlier this week Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the 12th proposal of the 2020 State of the State agenda.

This proposal will focus on making the “New York Buy American” act permanent.

The “Buy American” Act requires all structural steel and structural iron used in all state road and bridge construction projects with contracts worth more than $1 million to be made in America. The current law is set to expire April 2020, and making this law permanent will continue to require State agencies to use high-quality American-made structural iron and steel, creating union jobs and helping ensure our infrastructure projects last long into the future.

“No state in the country is building like New York. Our nation-leading, $150 billion infrastructure program is literally changing the face of the Empire State—and we have no intention of slowing down,” Governor Cuomo said. “Making the Buy American Act permanent will not only help ensure the safest, best quality steel and iron are being used in our infrastructure projects, it will also create even more jobs for New Yorkers and support our growing 21st century economy.”

Since taking office, Governor Cuomo has been committed to investing in New York State’s infrastructure and workforce. In December 2017, Governor Cuomo signed the “New York Buy American” Act. The Act requires the Department of Transportation, Thruway Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Office of General Services, SUNY Construction Fund and Dormitory Authority of the State of New York to include a contract provision requiring the use of American-made structural iron and structural steel for all surface road and bridge projects with contracts worth more than $1 million.

Since its enactment, several of the state’s largest infrastructure projects have used American made structural iron and steel, including 110,000 tons of steel for the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, 6,850 tons of steel for the first two phases of the Kosciuszko Bridge and 11,500 tons of steel for the Kew Gardens Interchange. Building these projects with high-quality, safer steel made by American workers has also helped in creating thousands of union jobs and will help ensure these structures last long into the future.

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