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Central New York judges prepare for culture change as bail reform takes effect

Chief Administrative Judge of the Fifth Judicial District Jim Murphy is in charge of Central New York courts, and the 300 judges in six counties who preside over them. It’s his job to help them navigate the state’s new bail reform law that takes effect on January 1, 2020.

At least 250 inmates in CNY currently held on bail throughout the region will go before a judge and get released on or before January 1, which is a major change in the judge’s process.

“There are what some people would consider to be pretty significant crimes that they will not be able to set bail on, whether they want to or not, and that’s a big change for the judges,” said Murphy.

Judge Murphy says he’s been meeting with district attorneys, police chiefs and sheriffs throughout his district to work out the logistics of releasing that many inmates over a short period of time.

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