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Moving House? Learn How to Move Furniture with Ease

When it’s almost time for you to move house, chances are you’re considering doing a lot of the work yourself. Most people like to think that they can manage moving house with very little help. However, they usually fail to understand how hard it is to move their furniture.

Furniture can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It can be old or new, modern or antique. You can have furniture you love and furniture you put up with because it’s useful. No matter what type of furniture you have, chances are you’re not entirely sure how to move it easily. This is where this article can come in and help you. However, if after reading you decide that you need professional help, you can look for local furniture movers. – a company like this will do all the hard work saving your time and energy for other matters.

Decide Where to Move your Furniture First

One of the first things you need to do is decide where you’re going to move your furniture to. You need to come up with this decision so you’re not stood around wondering where to put your sofa. If you have planned ahead you will know where it’s going to sit and how much room you’ll need for it. Doing a bit of planning now will save you a lot of time on your moving day.

Don’t be afraid to measure your rooms and your furniture. This will ensure you know how much room you have to walk around the furniture. You might also find that your nice new chair has to be kept in another room as opposed to the living room.

Carrying Tall Items

When it comes to carrying those tall items, the best way to move it is to have another person helping you. Tip the tall item such as a filing cabinet at an angle. Make sure one of you is carrying the top of the filing cabinet and the other person is carrying the bottom. This ensures that the weight is distributed evenly. What’s more, is it helps to prevent the object from swinging around. Use this method at all times, especially when you’re carrying something tall down the stairs.

Moving a Sofa

Are you dreading the thought of moving a sofa? Do not worry, there is a simple way for you to maneuver it. Let’s imagine you want to move the sofa out of your living room and you come to the door. How are you going to navigate it into the hallway? Here’s how: place the sofa on its side as you won’t be able to carry it horizontally.

Slide your sofa through your doorway and make sure you curl it through the door when you reach the top of the ‘L’ shape. If your sofa is slightly taller than the door lean the sofa back slightly so you have a lot more room.

Moving Chairs

Do you have a few large chairs that look hard to move? Are you worried about moving them out of one room and into another? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. When you’re moving a large chair make sure you turn it on its side. This is so the chair creates an ‘L’ shape. Move the chair with its back towards a door. Now slowly but surely curl the chair through the door frame. This is a relatively simple way to move something that would ordinarily be a bind to move.

Wrap Furniture

Do you have furniture that you simply don’t want to get damaged? Don’t worry, you won’t have to carefully navigate it through the doorways. Simply wrap the furniture in blankets as they will help to protect it. Once the furniture is wrapped in blankets you’ll need to secure them in place. Take some plastic wrapping and wind it around the blankets so they stay in place. You can typically buy large amounts of plastic wrapping and blankets in hardware stores.

If you can Take it Apart, Take it Apart

You can make your furniture a little smaller by taking the feet off. While doing so might not save you a lot of room, it can help you tremendously when it’s being navigated through a doorway. The same can be said for drawers, racks, and shelves. Having a little more room to maneuver can make life so much easier.

Use a Ramp

Use a ramp to help you maneuver items over doorways, down your yard, and into the moving truck. A ramp will ensure you have less lifting to do and it’ll just make the whole day so much easier. Ramps can typically be found for sale at hardware stores.

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