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Ithaca businesses try to keep up with development

The indelible changes to Ithaca’s downtown landscape are coming quickly and steadily, noted by construction fences, hard-hatted workers and new steel rising up above the city. Harold’s Square on the Commons is the most obvious of these projects, but it’s also just the first, with more already approved to follow like the redevelopment of the Green Street Garage.

To keep pace with this, businesses must change as well, adapting much like retail has had to over the last several years to combat the infringement of online sellers. What that can mean is, unfortunately, more closings than usual as a result of changing demands, but hopefully those closings are matched by openings to balance them out. According to Gary Ferguson, Executive Director of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance, there have been 24 new businesses to open in downtown Ithaca, while only five businesses have closed their doors.

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