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How Lebron James prepares for the NBA Playoffs

Every sportsman sticks to a different program to get ready for the tournament season, and Lebron is not an exception. The athlete spends a lot of money and time to reach a top physical condition and prepare his body for the playoff season. What’s special about his training?

#1 – James Is Trained by Mike Mancias

In 2001, Mancias studied as a physical training coach and got a chance of his life – to take an internship with Tim Grover and work on the restoration of Michael Jordan. The recommendations received determined his fate. Thus, he met Lebron in 2004. Thus, Mike has become a personal assistant of Lebron, who spends the summer and travels to the Olympics with him. Apart from training the sportsman, Mike also controls his diet and makes sure that healthy food, as well as the best tasting protein powder, are present in his daily meals.

# 2 – James Controls His Weight

Although James always has a good physical condition, he began to seriously control his weight only after the Beijing Olympics, when he saw how carefully Kobe Bryant approaches the preparation. In the early years of his career, Lebron played exclusively on natural athleticism. Even now, he is trying to break away from some exercises for core muscles.

#4 Lebron Works with a Specialist in Sports Biomechanics

James’s most significant health crisis occurred in the 2014/2015 season. He started having problems in his lower back, and for a long time, he needed injections to play. Because of this, James even missed two weeks of the regular season, which had never happened to him before. After receiving a serious neck injury, Lebron turned to sports mechanics. The treatment helped James overcome his back problems and maintain the superstar in optimal condition.

#5 Lebron Never Uses Any Prohibited Substances

James uses many different techniques, technologies, and dietary products from, for example. The most unusual of them are associated with the restoration and work on the balance of the body.

#6 Lebron Employs Recovery Technologies

Among the solutions the athlete uses, there are the following ones:

  • Muscle stimulator – The electrical impulses sent from the device are similar to the impulses of the nervous system, which cause the muscles to contract.
  • Compression recovery system – Inside the hermetic “boots,” air is pumped, which creates the effect of a prolonged and more effective massage.
  • Cryogenic chamber – A modern analog of ice baths is three minutes in a chamber cooled with liquid nitrogen to 80-120 degrees.
  • Pressure chamber – Oxygen is distributed throughout the body only by red blood cells. The pressure chamber turns oxygen into “a solution that is transported by all body fluids, including plasma, central nervous system, lymph, and bone tissue.” Staying in an oxygen-saturated pressure chamber at atmospheric pressure three times higher than usual improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation, increases the body’s stamina, and accelerates recovery.
  • Anti-gravity track – The device is designed in such a way to reduce body weight by 20-80 percent and thus relieve stress on the joints. Players compare the effect of running on such a track with running on the cloud.

The amount of work done is just impressive. It is no wonder why the athlete is in such a good physical condition.

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