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Seneca Falls moving toward contract for legal services in 2020

The Town Board took steps Wednesday to move away from having a town attorney toward contracting for legal services on an hourly basis.

The term of current Town Attorney David Foster of Geneva expires Dec. 31.

Board member Doug Avery said Foster has a two-year term as town attorney. Unless steps are taken to eliminate the position, and Foster remains into January, the town may be obligated to keep the position for another two years.

A motion to terminate the town attorney position as of Dec. 31 was approved by a 4-1 vote; Supervisor Greg Lazzaro voted no. In a related move, the board voted to issue a Request For Proposals (RFPs) for legal services from a law firm or an individual lawyer to work on an hourly rate on a part-time basis. The proposals are due Dec. 2nd.

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