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Ontario STOP-DWI cuts concern board members

For more than an hour Wednesday, some members of the Ontario County Traffic Safety Board criticized a large funding cut to the county’s STOP-DWI program.

Whether that cut remains will hinge on a meeting with key county officials, a special traffic safety board meeting, and ultimately the county Board of Supervisors.

The traffic board, which includes nearly 20 members, discussed the issue at length during its meeting. Much of the talk revolved around what Sue Cirencione, the STOP-DWI administrator, called an 80-percent cut in the STOP-DWI budget’s enforcement line by county officials.

Specifically, Cirencione said a sheriff’s deputy dedicated solely to impaired driving enforcement was cut from her proposed budget in June, and a full-time employee from her office in charge of collecting fees and fines from DWI offenders is being reduced to part-time.

Deputy County Administrator Brian Young said revenue from the STOP-DWI program is not there to support those positions, adding that County Administrator Mary Krause supports funding them if the revenue is there. Cirencione disagreed.

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