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CNY non-profit is assisting those in need with long-term addiction treatment

A new program here in Central New York has joined in the fight to help those addicted to opioids.

Road 2 Recovery CNY is a non-profit volunteer organization that’s helping people suffering from opioid addiction. It provides financial assistance to those in need of long-term treatment. The program sends young adults to recovery facilities in Texas. Those in the program undergo 90 days of residential inpatient rehab, followed by another 90 days of sober living and coaching.

Thomas DeSocio completed the program and said it saved his life.

“I was heading toward death, period. You know, I’ve had six overdoses where I’ve had to get Narcan and hospitalized. I was losing the will to live,” said DeSocio.

He started drinking at the early age of 10-years-old and smoking weed a few years later. “I just thought it was a good time you know. Go party, good old fun,” said DeSocio. “What was at first a good time turned into daily maintenance.”

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