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Wayne County battles drug addiction with mobile van

It has been just over a year since the Department of Mental Health, Wayne Behavioral Health Network opened the doors of the Open Access Center, an out-treatment facility located at the Public Health Building on Nye Road in Lyons.

The team of drug experts are providing support and care to those with a heroin, opioid or any other addition issues, as well as mental health problems.

Now, the new mobile van is visiting sites throughout the County to take the battle against drug addiction right to those battling addiction. According to Wayne County Mental Health Director, James Haitz, for every 10 people suffering from drug addition, only one person seeks addiction at a brick and mortar facility like Desert Hope for help. “Now we can get around to the other 9 people,” said Haitz.

The Director emphasized that the new, clearly marked van is not an ambulance, nor emergency service, rather a vehicle providing a mobile clinic where assessments of drug addicts can be made and interviews conducted. The van includes a bathroom where drug screening samples can be taken, a refrigeration for needed medications and has tele-health communication for remote availability in case a medical professional is not on board.

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