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Gov. Cuomo says Reed, Trump both view DOJ as ‘political attack mechanism’

Just in case you were wondering what New York state’s newly-resolved dispute with the Seneca Nation over Thruway repairs on Seneca territory had to do with the House impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, Gov. Andrew Cuomo connected the dots Wednesday.

Cuomo said in both cases, the Republican administration viewed the Department of Justice as a “political attack mechanism.”

“Congressman Reed in true form of the Trump administration calls for the Department of Justice to investigate me because the Thruway’s not repairing the road, which is interesting because it’s emblematic of how the Republicans use the Justice Department,” the governor said during an interview on WAMC with Alan Chartock.

A conversation between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky spurred the impeachment inquiry. During the conversation, Trump said he would direct Attorney General William Barr to contact Zelensky about a potential investigation of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, his son, and possible interference in a Ukrainian investigation into a company with which Biden’s son was involved.

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