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Dealing With Hair Loss When You’re Travelling

Our hair can change drastically when we travel. For some, hair can be softer, stronger and livelier after a week in the sun but for those of us not quite so lucky, hair loss is a very big possibility. Through changes in temperature and humidity, damage caused by sand, salt water and those days that are just a bit too breezy and, of course, tangles that seem impossible to brush through, you can find yourself desperately searching for the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey before you know it. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to prevent and manage hair loss while you’re travelling, which we’re exploring, below.

Why Your Hair Changes When You Travel

Regardless of whether you’re hopping just over the water or embarking on a long-haul flight halfway across the world, you and your hair are going to be faced with changes. Some of the key factors that can really make a difference to the quality of our hair, however, include the intensity of the sunlight, the water we use when shampooing, any extra cosmetics we’re using, the humidity and more.

Humidity alone can change and influence the shape of the hair, breaking down hydrogen bonds that otherwise keep the shape of the hair. When these break, those of us with otherwise dead-straight hair can see the natural beach waves we desperately try and recreate with a curling iron in the morning. If you’re experiencing hair loss, this will usually be down to a trigger from three months prior – in other words, nothing to do with travelling – or will be caused by breakages to the hair shaft, usually caused by tangles, excess brushing or other external strain.

Travel-Friendly Hair Care Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

If you want to prevent hair loss or improve the quality of your hair while travelling, you’re not going to be able to pack all of the incredible products you use at home – at least, not without switching out a pair of shoes to even out the weight limit. For this reason, you need to pack smart. Follow the tips below to prepare:

  • Plan Ahead

By planning ahead, you’ll know what you need to bring. If you’re planning on relaxing the whole week, you don’t need to bring any styling tools and in most cases, your hotel will probably have a hairdryer available (check there are no additional costs!). By knowing what you’ll be doing and what kind of trip it’ll be, you can determine whether you need to prepare your hair for a city trip, or a beach break and pack products accordingly.

  • Protect Your Locks!

The sun, sea and sand might be exactly what your mental health needs right now, but your hair would certainly beg to differ. The heat and UV from the sun, salt from the ocean, chlorine from a hotel pool and, of course, the sand, can cause irritation to your scalp and damage your hair by drying it out or burning it. You can protect your hair against all of the above with a leave-in conditioner or hair sunblock that has SPF, keeping every strand moisturised and protected while you relax. Don’t want to pay out for a pre-made bottle? Make your own with 1-part conditioner, to 5-parts water and pop it in a spray bottle.

  • Use Detangling Products

Your hair is going to get tangled no matter how much you try to keep it brushed out and smooth. Pick up a tangle teaser and a spray-in detangler to make the process of brushing out your hair after a long day in the water or travelling, that little bit less painful.

  • Don’t Forget The Conditioner

Conditioner will be your best friend while on holiday. While you should use conditioner regularly regardless, on any beach or sun-filled holiday you should use conditioner every time you wash your hair. This will keep things smooth and silky, preventing breakage or dryness and ultimately keeping your locks holiday-ready.

  • Get A Trim If You Can

While some luxury hotels have salons on-site, you can venture out into the local area and find a good salon with equally as good reviews to give your hair a quick trim. While shorter breaks won’t need this kind of treatment, those of you on a longer break, such as a backpacking holiday, can benefit from a quick trip to snip off the dry ends that might be causing frizziness.

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