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State police report uptick in hate crimes

In 2019, New York State Police say there has been an increase in reported hate crimes.

In Greece, investigators are still looking for the person that spray-painted on North Greece Road Church of Christ back in April. In Geneva, a 12-year-old girl was arrested for drawing swastikas on several buildings including a church in July. Most recently in Brighton, 18-year-old Evan Dombroski was charged with a hate crime after he painted the “n-word” and a swastika on a car parked on Spier Avenue in August.

Investigator Brent Bernard is a part of the NYSP Hate Crimes Unit. He says the team started in 2016 with more than 100 investigators assisting local departments to solve crimes that targeting a specific group of people in a negative way.

“It’s a trend, it’s something we need to address and it’s something we need to keep at bay,” Bernard said. “It’s becoming an issue and it’s hurtful to people.”

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