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NYS Fair introduces improvements to parking, new transportation

The Great New York State Fair is about to begin, and preparation has started to help make transportation easier.

On average, the State Fair brings in 98,000 people per day, causing many challenges for people who travel to the Fair from across the country.

“I encourage two things. Leave early, because there is always traffic. And number two, take a Park and Ride,” said Director of the New York State Fair, Troy Waffner.

Waffner also added that trains continue to play a bigger role in transportation.

“Usually between two and three thousand people take the train,” Waffner said. “We want to keep growing that because as we do more and more advertising in New York City and the tri-city market, it’s a great way for folks down there to get to the Fair.

People from Utica, Buffalo, and Albany can take the Amtrak train right into the city of Syraucse.

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