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Best Places to go for a Romantic Weekend in Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes in upstate New York is a great place to hideaway for a romantic weekend. With amazing scenery, wine tastings and relaxed atmosphere.

Reaching the getaway stage takes time

Dating is an important process in any relationship. It is very rare you meet someone in the street and go for a weekend away that very week. There is the process of meeting someone, courtship and several dates to find the connection before a weekend away if even considered. Are you missing a special person to go on a weekend romantic getaway? Using the website you can find someone special to enjoy amazing dates and finally get the romantic weekend you have dreamed off.

A Schooner boat ride

Sail around Seneca Lake in style on a stunning schooner. You can enjoy a sunset sail, watching as the sun comes down creating a stunning masterpiece in the sky. You will be served delicious cheese and grapes, while being given the option to buy beer and wine on board. You can also charter the boat privately, for those who want more privacy and have a larger budget. But take note that it is a seasonal excursion, operating from May to October.

Atwater Winery and Vineyard

Atwater, so called because it is at the water, is a truly worthwhile visit. Enjoy the amazing views around the vineyards and sample delicious tasting wine. There you can watch the sunset over the balcony as you enjoy one of their fine bottles of wine. If you go in the right season, they make a mulled wine that is to die for too.

Hiking trails and waterfalls

The surrounding areas of the lakes, especially around Watkins Glen State Park are amazing. With stunning rock formations, waterfalls and small rivers make this place amazing for a romantic walk or hike for those more adventurous couples. Make sure to stay hydrated when you visit, no matter how long you visit for or what season it is. Also, make sure to have your camera with plenty of memory and battery, you are going to need it!

Choosing where to stay

Finger Lakes are without a doubt a great place to go for a romantic weekend getaway, and it offers so many different places to stay. It caters for all types of budgets and styles of accommodation. Here is a small list of the places worth looking at for your stay:
Belhurst Castle
Geneva on the Lake
The Inns of Aurora
Watkins Glen Harbour Hotel
La Tourelle
Mirbeau Inn & Spa
Cayuga Lake Inn – Ithaca Hotel Alt
Those are the best hotels and inns to stay for your vacation at Finger Lakes. Make sure you check them out to make sure you get the best deal and can make the most of your weekend away.

Completing a romantic weekend away

Finger Lakes offer amazing views and activities throughout. Each lake offers its particular wineries and activities, here we have collected just some of the best things to do while there. One thing is for sure though, the beauty of the lakes will amaze you. You will have the time of your life visiting them and they will make your partner love you more (if that is possible). The Lakes offer great opportunities for a lucky man to propose to a lucky woman. So, if you are looking to ask your girlfriend to become your wife, a trip to the Finger Lakes is a great idea.

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