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Race fans arriving for NASCAR weekend in Watkins Glen

NASCAR weekend is quickly approaching, which means race fans are flying into the area from all over the country.

From young to old, there are fans of all ages that will be headed up to the Glen for this weekend’s events. Race-goers say they enjoy attending the races for a variety of reasons. Some are in town with friends to share their love for the sport, others tell WENY news that they’re here to visit with family to enjoy a trip to Watkins Glen.

Denise Bodine-Faucett is the sister of Geoff, Brett and Todd Bodine, a well-known racing family. So for her, the sport is extra meaningful.

“Well, my dad built a race track in Chemung when I was about seven, so I grew up with racing. That’s what I knew for years and years. I have been only to probably 10 in Watkins Glen, but many many races else where,” says Denise Bodine-Faucett, sister of racing brothers.

Denise traveled from Georgia to be here for the weekend, and although she can’t make it to the races, she says that it’s a trip she’s still looking forward to.

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