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Senate Democrats raise $2.3M

The fundraising arm of the Democratic conference in the state Senate this week will report raising $2.3 million over the last six months, bringing their cash-on-hand total to more than $2 million.

The fundraising figures reflect the first six months of the Senate Democrats taking majority control of the state Senate. With the addition of Sen. Simcha Felder, Senate Democrats now hold 40 of the 63 seats in the chamber, two shy of a supermajority.

Senate Democrats also did not raise any money from real estate interests during this time period, reflecting a pledge of Sen. Mike Gianaris, the chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Senate Democrats are outpacing both Republicans and the efforts of the party’s previous majority in 2009.

Senate Republicans previously reported a cash-on-hand total of $250,984 after raising more than $130,000 — according to a 10-day post-primary report.

Two years ago, Senate Democrats had $540,000 in cash on hand, while Republicans had $1.4 million.

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