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City of Corning looks to increase reimbursement for roadwork

The City of Corning Council is asking lawmakers in Albany to increase its reimbursement for helping the state with road work.

The city council passed a resolution on Monday to send a letter to lawmakers and Governor Cuomo urging the him to approve increase in the city’s aid. Corning helps provide services to the state to maintain roads. For helping, Corning is reimbursed for their effort. The resolution pasted on Monday however hopes to change a critical piece when it comes to the financial piece of the work. City leaders said the issues is the reimbursement hasn’t changed since the mid 80′. As they’ve continued to work the amount of reimbursement has stayed stagnant. Giving more aid can help go a long way when it comes to the cities tax bill.

“We currently get $55,000. This would mean an additional $65,000 and to put that in perspective that’s basically 1% on property tax so it’s not nothing,” said Corning City Mayor Bill Boland.

The resolution will make sure a letter is sent to both the Governor’s office and the state legislature, with the city urging the order to be signed as soon as possible.

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