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Geneva, Canandaigua may get money for recycling

Since 2015, Ontario County has received $1.3 million a year from Casella Waste Services to use in implementing the county’s state-approved Solid Waste Management Plan.

Because Casella and the county were successful in obtaining a new operating permit that extends the life of the Ontario County Landfill until 2028, thanks to a 43.5-acre expansion, an agreement was reached to have Casella make 14 annual payments of $1.3 million to the county for SWMP implementation.

Monday, the Board of Supervisors Planning & Environmental Quality Committee will vote on a motion to give the cities of Geneva and Canandaigua $7,000 each from that fund to use for recycling programs.

The motion to be presented authorizes an inter-municipal agreement with the two cities for SWMP projects.

Canandaigua’s Business Improvement District wants to use the $7,000 to purchase recycling bins to be placed along Main Street and downtown. The bins would have color-coded bonnets and associated signage to help make them easy to use by residents and visitors.

Finger Lakes Times:
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