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Public-private partnership produces renovated marina at Sampson

What a difference a year makes.

The marina at Sampson State Park — constructed in the 1960s — had crumbling concrete, questionable electrical service, a handful of boat slips in use and the look of years of neglect.

Wednesday, the “new’’ Sampson marina was officially reopened showcasing a unique public-private partnership between the state Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Sessler Companies of Waterloo, an excavating and wrecking company that has expanded its business interests in recent years.

In a ceremony adjacent to the new marina on the east shore of Seneca Lake, a site where the Navy trained more than 400,000 recruits for World War II because of the nearly 700-foot depth of the lake, a crowd gathered to view the amazing transformation.

“This is an incredible achievement. Anyone here a year ago will agree that this is quite a difference,” {span}said Fred Bonn, regional director of the Finger Lakes State Parks Commission.{/span} “To say this marina was tired would be kind. It’s amazing to see after only eight months.”

“Now we are well on our way to having Sampson become a wonderful destination site for visitors to connect to Seneca Lake.”

Finger Lakes Times:
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