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Finger Lakes Visitors Connection has new wellness guide

Finger Lakes Visitors Connection, the official tourism office for Ontario County, has released a new wellness guide.

The Finger Lakes Wellness Guide and Map gives visitors many options to care for themselves physically, psychologically and mentally — all while experiencing Ontario County. It was created to highlight spots in the county conducive to a wellness activity.

The full-color guide is broken down into six categories: Active Living, Relaxed Living, Mindful Health, Farm Life, Parks and Playgrounds, and Scenic Spots. It showcases a map of Ontario County with nearly 60 spots showing various wellness activities.

“More consumers seek experiential travel with the idea of returning home a better, more aware person. In response, we’ve developed a piece that focuses on traveling with wellness in mind, allowing visitors to return home from their Ontario County trip feeling relaxed, rested and rejuvenated,” said Valerie Knoblauch, president and CEO of the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection. “Most of these spots have been tried and true Ontario County wellness gems for many years — now we have them all listed in one place for the traveler, as well as for locals. We’re sure you’ll uncover something wonderful here.”

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