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E-Mail checker

Sending messages by email is one of the ways to interact with the target audience and warm up its interest in the product. Entering the company’s IP address into a blacklist may suspend the delivery of emails to customers and the use of email marketing tools. Therefore, it is essential to use email checker to understand whether your IP address is in a blacklist or not.

What are the purposes of spam databases

Mail services actively fight spam. Their task is to identify the violator to protect people from unwanted information. The presence of a spam database allows you to block sending emails from a badly proven IP address not only to users who have detected a violation but also to the other recipients of the service.

DNS blacklist fights against spam. It exists within a distributed DNS database containing information about domains. Upon receipt of the letter, the email service refers to the DNSBL list to check the sender’s IP address for spam. If the site is listed, the message is regarded as spam and does not reach a person.

The main reasons why the website’s IP can get blacklisted are:

  • Users tag emails as spam. Perhaps the database of email addresses of recipients who do not belong to the target audience of the site was used. The main risk exists for companies carrying out a cold email sending to people who have not yet interacted with the website and have not made purchases. The mail server can regard many additions of letters to the Spam folder as hacking the sender’s mail, and the delivery of messages from its IP address will be blocked.
  • Your site shares one IP with the spammer site. Shared hosting is a convenient and accessible platform for hosting websites. This principle can be compared with an apartment building. There can be a block from several web resources on one IP. The final identification of the site is the domain name. However, the presence of a third-party web resource with the same IP in the spam database may pull your project along.
  • A purchased email database with numerous non-existent addresses is used. The main mistake when buying a customer base is the lack of email verification before sending. A large number of non-existent addresses may cause the email service to suspect that the base is automatically generated.
  • Email system uses absolutely identical mailing texts.
  • DNS domain settings are misconfigured.
  • Other suspicious actions happen. The examples are sending many letters, a new IP address, unknown email recipients, etc.


In order to minimize the possibility of the site being blacklisted, it is better to use your own email database of users who are interested in your products. The unique IP for the website on the hosting will also eliminate the influence of neighboring domains on the reputation of your site. Moreover, it is essential to check your IP address for belonging to blacklists regularly.

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