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Decriminalization of marijuana has different reception than legalization

While New York State lawmakers failed to pass a marijuana legalization bill, they did advance a marijuana decriminalization bill to the governor’s desk.

The bill reduces the punishment from a misdemeanor down to a violation.

Gates police chief Jim VanBrederode said the change won’t have much of an effect on law enforcement. He’s more concerned about possible legalization.

“A lot of times people have more significant underlying problems that lead to them smoking marijuana every day or using any other drugs,” said VanBrederode.

He said legalizing marijuana would encourage more drug use. Jason Klimek from ROC Normal disagrees.

“People who use marijuana are not really any more likely to use other hard drugs or if they do take that path it wasn’t the marijuana that put them down that path, they would’ve gone down that path regardless of what the substance was,” said Klimek.
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