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Troopers cracking down on speeding vehicles during ‘Speed Week’

This week, New York State Police will be cracking down on speeders.

The “Speed Week” campaign kicked off Thursday around the state and will last through June 12.

Troopers will be keeping an extra-vigilant eye out for people driving above the speed limit, as well as those who ignore the Move Over Law.

In a statement, Governor Cuomo said, “We will not tolerate speeding and reckless driving for a very simple reason: it puts everyone at risk and speeding is the leading cause of fatal crashes each year in New York State. We urge all drivers to make safety the top priority, obey speed limits, put down your electronic devices, and move over when you see emergency vehicles and highway workers on the side of the road."

If you’re caught going 1-10 miles per hour over the speed limit, you could face a minimum fine of $45 and up to three points on your license.
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