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Bill requiring car wash workers to make minimum wage clears Senate

A bill that would boost the pay of car wash workers in the New York City metropolitan area was approved Wednesday in the state Senate.

The move would require car wash workers in New York City and the suburban counties of Suffolk, Nassau and Westchester be paid the minimum wage, without allowances for tips.

The bill is meant to address the pay for workers, many of them immigrants, who earn sub minimum wage and subsist largely on gratuities.

“Car wash workers across Queens have been underpaid for years, and rely on tips to make their living. Wage theft is rampant, and many of these immigrant workers are exploited at the hands of a system that does not protect them,” said the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Jessica Ramos.

“My bill will require that car wash workers are paid the minimum wage, which means they no longer have to rely on tips. As many as 200 to 300 workers in Senate District 13 alone will see a pay raise as a result of the passage of this bill.”

The current minimum wage for Long Island and Westchester is $12. For businesses with 11 employees or more in New York City, it is $15. For smaller businesses under that threshold in New York City, the minimum wage is $13.50.

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union urged the Assembly to follow suit.

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