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State says its monitoring peeling license plates

Unappealing peeling license plates.

It was an issue for New York drivers a few years ago and for some including Matt Nersinger of East Rochester, it seems to be bubbling up again.

“I got a new car. I got new plates, but they started peeling probably a month or so after getting them and that was before the winter even started,” Nersinger said. “The whole eight is gone and just about the whole nine is gone.”

Nersinger isn’t alone. Nearly 400 individuals commented on the 13WHAM Facebook post about the issue.

The Irondequoit DMV manager said, on average five drivers come in every day to replace plates, mostly the newer blue and gold style.

Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello said the issue stems from a bad batch of plates created a few years ago. He said it’s a waste of taxpayer money.

“The state should be recouping costs from the vendor that created these plates,” Bello said. “These plates don’t meet the standard they’re supposed to meet. It’s frustrating, and the other piece of it is it does put our drivers at some risk of receiving a ticket.”

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